Track “trecias toks trumpas labai geras max” on V/A  Quarantine Calm  by The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society DL Canada 2021

track Anecdote on The PH Winter Comp​.​03 by Various Artists released by Powdered Hearts, 2021

track Shivering Oak on Slow Talker Remixes by datewithdeath 2020

Track daug visko on  v/a re-flexions-sound-art-festival-04-07-20 by attenuation circuit  2020.04

track geras visai at V/A  latent audio surfaces by Institute For Alien Research 2019-10

track nieko gerai visai is popx on Powdered Hearts Autumn/Winter Sampler (2019-2020) by Powdered Hearts 2019

track In Case  on V/A “Akusmata” CD released by Antenna Non Grata  Poland 2019-05-17

track Acousma Light episode#1 on  “Sound Space – the 4th annual report volume I”  by Various Artists. released by Unexplained Sounds Group. 2018-11-30  

track Bela Lugo Isis on v/a I See Dead People – A Throne Of Bael Records Halloween Compilation released by Throne of Bael Records 2018-10-31

track Pointless on v/a Monochrome Visions (For Dmitry Vasilyev) released by Korm Digitaal 2018-9-23

track A1geras on Powdered Hearts Winter Sampler (2017-18) by Powdered Hearts Records and Tapes, December 19, 2017

track norm 8 on Ocean of Sound – the 3rd annual report volume I  by Unexplained Sounds Group, December 15, 2017  
 released by HNM Records 2017
Amir Baghiri – remixes  released by attenuation circuit, 2017
NODES  released by {AN} Eel, 2017
v/a Ö – A Collection of experimental Vox. released by {AN} Eel, 2017
IFAR Musique Concrète intonation dysmorphia compilation 2017
34th CD by  mutesound  Spain 2016

VVAA Loud Listening Murano Crónica 099~2015 DL AIFF  MP3 Bandcamp

Poverty Electronics Vol. 3  by Poverty Electronics  2015

Gintas K’s Golf GTI Mix feat. Sagulinas by Poverty Electronics 2015

IFAR Musique Concrète Lost episodes compilation March 20, 2015

0028 | Classwar Karaoke  2014

Soundpoem Remix Project of Unsung Minds on Bandcamp  2013

Essmaa by various – version 2013 by Tsuku Boshi TSKB006 France 2013

Brands upon the brian  by Chip Musik, Peru 23 July 2013

An anthology of noise & electronic music #7 by Sub Rosa  SR300 3xCD digipack + 84 pages booklet  2013

UNDÆ! 2012 by Thrmnphone Net-label  thrmn005 Spain 2013

v/a ILDL041: ‘Two Years Of Ilse’ USA  2013

Lietuvos Garso Menas / Lithuanian Sound Art CD 2012 LT

VVAA Loud Listening   Crónica 067~2012

v/a One Year Of Ilse 2xCDr  Ilse 26/27  USA  2012

v.a.(Un) Pleasant Over Drones Resound Falmouth UK 2011

v.a.|con-vpilation (Lithuania) download conv66 2010

MUU FOR EARS 5-6  2CD  MUU galleryFinland 2010

VVAA “Crónica L” CD Crónica 050~2010 Portugal

Soundtrack to a Catastrophic World CD cantaudio032 UK 2010

ANTIBOTHIS Vol.3 book+CD thisco Portugal 2010

Endless Endless (v5) Audiobulb Records Digital Online-Stream UK 2010

Garso Galerija 2010 booklet+CD 2010 LT

Muu For Ears 2 CD MUU gallery Finland 2010

Vague Terrain 15: .microsound >striated Space digital download, usa 2009

Glissando#15  Glissando magazine+CD  Poland 2009

SoundCrawl:Nashville compilation digital download 2009 usa

artists’ uses of the word revolution www.alandunn67 UK 2009

Translations Of Opacity – For Michelangelo Antonioni  and/OAR and.p33 mp3 USA 2008

||| s3p050 ||| Va – 50  Sine3pm recordings Italy 2008

Zanstones 138 – 40 x 40 2.0  CDr ZH27#1000 USA 2008

Sound Report II: MADEUP CD soundnetwork  UK 2008

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Various Artists- This Is Not A Test  mp3  treetrunk 056] 2008

60×60 CD (2006-2007) 2CD Vox Novus  2008 USA

UN/TYPICAL  CD  SMC INTERVIU magazine 9-10/2008 + v/a 2008 LT

VVAA: Mus*****c  AL/MP3 Crónica 032~2008

Soundtrack for a Mersey Tunnel  www.alandunn67 CD edition of 433, 2008 UK
ATLANTIC WAVES 2007 2CD Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation & magazine THE WIRE November 2007 UK

pico/jewel vol. I  -pmact 14-.Cdr  Picomedia France 2007

Schematic Sounds Volume One  schem02 mp3 Badschematic 2007

BEND IT LIKE BECKETT soundworks cd885 CD Ireland 2006

TALADRO #15 + CD “Digitalísimo” Genital Productions Mexico 2006

FOEM/Electronic Youth Vol. 13  FOEM mp3 2006

ARSZYN- Z Werszkow Pierwszy.Remixes+  AudioTONG mp3  Poland 2006

Bias : 2003 3xCD + DVD Book Etat Lab Taiwan 2004

Catzen-jammer   tibcd35-4   TIBProd 2005 Norway

By Way Of Conclusion Surfaces Netlabel mp3 [srfc017]

Essays on Radio: Can I have 2 minutes of your time?  Cronica 020~2005 CD 2005
Essays on Radio: Can I have 2 minutes of your time?  Cronica 021~2005 DVD 2005

Homenaje  CD Rackham Records  Spain 2005

Drawings and Sounds Kids Can Easily Recognice book+cdr Ultra Eczema  Belgium 2005

Confluencias /2nd electroacoustic miniaturas international contest CD  Spain 2004

Pictures in my mind : the remixes vol.2  mp3

Origine comune ep  mp3  sinewaves  Italy

ROOT OF SINE Microsound Edition  mp3 Audiobulb Records

Extreme music from Russia CD  Susan Lawly  slcd026 2004 UK

RE38- Cloe Lock – Removed by People  2CD-R RetinaScan 2004

garso zona 2004 srfc007, Surfaces Netlabel mp3 2004

EMIT TWO  CD  Room40 Australia


Seldomtype 001 EP  LP  Seldomtype  2003 Switzerland

RE 28: Siemers remix compilation  RetinaScan 2003

Project Glitch  mystifiedmusic 2003 usa

“No ReWind” October of…  mrw44 CD  2003 Scotland 5 2003 usa

KFR13:[an eloquent mass:experimentations in sound] Kolorform Records 2003 usa

Collective Compilation Volume Four  Infinite Sector  2003 usa

ISC0401 Cognitive Fragmentation  Infinite Sector  2003 usa

garso zona 2003  audioz001 2003 Lithuania

ISC0101 Collective Compilation Volume One  Infinite Sector 2003 usa

KAZIN #3 – Third Croatian Audio Fanzine Carpediem Records 2002 Croatia

acid fake_02  acidfake 2002 Macedonia

Difficult Music for Difficult People Vol II   RRs.R 2002 Belgium