LĖTI CD/DL  Cronica 2022

Nervus Vagus  DL+CD  gk rec.#5   2021

jesus safe my soul (2015) DL   bandcamp  2021

ART BRUT DL  by WHY Record Company (WRC) – WHY068  2021

The Ways CD/DL by gk.rec.#4 2021

Sound & Spaces cassette & DL released by Powdered Hearts, PH # 36, USA 2020

Extensions  DL released by NEUS-318 NEUDIGI-011 Japan 2020

Variations in a-moll for a granular synthesis CD/DL released by Esc.rec.#65 The Netherlands  2019

One Day Journey  download EP 2019

M CD digipack+download released by gk rec.#02  Lithuania 2019

Into the Void  Travis Johnson & Gintas K  2018

Acousma Light CD, DL released by gk rec.01  Lithuania 2018

2014 DL  released by attenuation circuitACP 1101, Germany, 2017

Under my skin DL, cassette  released by Crónica 124  2017

Dimensions CD released by Frozen Light label FZL 042 Russia 2016

Low  CD released by Opa Loka Records ‎ OL16008 Germany 2016

Lives DL album   2016

Message in a Bottle  CD released by Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre ‎ MICL087  2015

Love Is Love  DL bandcamp 2015

i will tell you 3 things / an easy listening album DL  bandcamp 2015

Minerva or Anything Goes DL  released by No Type + Panospria  pan086 Canada 2014

Blind Man Tales CD released by Bôłt Recordsbandcamp BR 1024 Poland 2014

pOpXEnA  by  attenuation circuit ACA 1004 CDR + DL  Germany 2014

Nota Demo by Creative Sources Recordings  cs244 CD Portugal Bandcamp 2013

works 2006-2008 Live performances from 2006-2008 DL bandcamp 2013

ffff  recorded at 2005 DL bandcamp 2013

Greit by Ilse ILCD001 CD 2013 USA    

Slow  by Baskaru karu:22 CD (digipak) 2013 France

peciusd by reductive  on Audio Arts Series.   2013 Spain

Gintas K cassette Copy ForYour Records  bandcamp CFYRT03 2012 US

The live that never have been played live SD07 skyndo bandcamp 2011

So On Crónica 054~2010  2010

Lovely Banalities CD Crónica 040~2009 2009

Frozen Time FLAC m/OAR  moar.p33 bandcamp USA 2009

13 TRACKS CD digipack  Percepts percepts03 USA 2007

Elementary Particles   CDR3″ mini album  Retinascan bandcamp RE340 2007 Germany

Jamaika mp3  Picomedia pmact 8 bandcamp France 2006

Lengvai / 60 x one minute audio colours of 2kHz sound 2CD Cronica 024~2006 Portugal

titled#  Retina Scan #41 bandcamp 2004 CDR Germany 

Taip Taip  Zeromoon zero019-R. bandcamp CDR3′ 2004 USA          

////   Retina Scan #23 bandcamp  2003 CDR Germany                 
without out [live @ garso zona 2003] bandcamp srfc002 mp3 Surfaces Netlabel  2003

o)o(o   Black Orchid #35 bandcamp CDR Slovakia 2003  

Modus discography:

Megaukis Tyla (Enjoy the Silence)  MC Black Orchid Slovakia 1998

Uzsikrete Mirtimi (Infected by Death)  MC Dangus Production  Lithuania 1995